Why Heckinger Insurance?

Insurance has gotten away from the basics. That certainly is the case for most agents, consumers, and insurance companies in the last 20 years. For instance, with health/medical insurance, we’ve lost touch with the REAL cost of healthcare: we pay small copays for doctor visits, rather than his or her full charge, without realizing we are paying the remaining costs every month with higher insurance premiums. The new subsidies that lower a consumer’s health insurance premiums mask even more the real cost of health care.

Regarding life insurance, many people bought policies during high interest periods and were led to believe their policies would grow in “cash value”. Now, years later, with historically low interest rates, many of these policies face termination if much higher premiums are not paid. Numerous class-action lawsuits have been leveled against insurance companies who offered such “under-funded” life insurance contracts. As a result, insurance companies now project more realistic future interest rate performances. A handful of companies, called mutual life insurance companies, offer more robust guarantees in their policies. Some of these policies pay dividends each year, increasing the cash fund (cash value) and death benefit.

In a nutshell, we educate our clients about such changes that affect them. We keep our clients informed of any opportunities and help them capitalize on them. We are easily accessible and always here to help. That’s how Heckinger Insurance succeeds; we give you accurate, personal solutions, and make complex insurance products easy to understand.