Our Solutions

Employee Retention plans to help an employer:

  • Recruit
  • Retain
  • Reward
  • Retire (with lifetime income equal to, or as much as 3 times, their current salary)

This is for employers with 20-2000++ employees. Industry examples are: Law firms, hospitals, IT companies, Engineering firms, independent medical practices, private universities, CPA firms, auto dealerships.

Health Insurance Plans For:

  • Individuals and families under 65 who make more than the limit for qualifying for a government subsidy
  • Individuals 64 and up just qualifying for, or already on Medicare
  • Individuals who have Medicare due to disability

Life Insurance Plans For:

  • Income replacement for a spouse or parent who dies too soon
  • Tax-free retirement income
  • Key employees or business partners

Specialty Insurance Plans For:

  • Protecting a professional’s income from disability
  • International travelers, students, schools, expatriates, short term missions, sports activities.